Accredited Diploma Therapy Courses
With comprehensive manual and hands on practice and awarded CPD points. Accredited by The Complementary Medical Association and backed by Balens Insurance.

Ayurveda Indian Head Massage - Ayurvedic system of massage to the back, arms, neck, head and face.
2 day £200

Thermal Auricular Ear Candling - Candling the ears followed by acupressure drainage face massage.
1 day £150

Therapeutic Point Whole Body Massage - acupressure points and Meridian therapy to release blockages. Requirements are A&P and massage techniques.
3 day £300

Therapeutic Point Upper Body Massage - back, shoulders, neck, face and head.
2 day £200

Restorative Whole Body Massage - nurturing and calming.
2 day £200

Stone Body Massage - basalt stones placed and massaged to go deep within, cold stones and crystals for stimulation.
Requirements are A&P and massage techniques.
2 day £250

Facial Rejuvenation Massage - acupressure point and meridian therapy massage to stimulate and lift the muscles.
2 day £250 

2nd Degree Crystal Therapy Practitioners - crystals to balance and harmonise the body and energy fields. Working on the chakras, aura, cords, attachments and contracts, cellular level, DNA and past lives.Working through the 3rd dimension through to the 7th., reconnecting DNA and your soul blueprint. 
Working through your own ascension to your Higher Self. 
Bi-monthly 6 modules £250 bi-monthly.

1st Degree Crystal Therapy - the crystals vibrations and properties and perfect structure give out a resonance that the body can follow to balance and re-calibrate back to health. Balancing the chakra's, aura, cords, attachments and activating your Divine Core to radiate health and well-being.
You will have the foundations of Crystal Therapy and the study of subtle anatomy.
Diploma as a certified Crystal practitioner. 
4 modules             £200 per module over 2 days

Crystal  Facial Rejuvenation Massage - massaging the face with flat, spheres and point crystals to stimulate the pressure points and lift the skin.
2 day £250

Crystal Whole Body Massage - using the properties of the crystals to massage into the body.
2 day - £250 

Reiki I
2 day £180
Reiki II
2 day £200
Reiki III/Master
2 day £280
Karuna® Master
Must be a Master to attune to Karuna
3 day £360

Self- Empowerment
Email for the first pages to work through.
Correspondence course available with telephone support and counselling
1 day a week for 3months in classroom.