I design and create original unique pictures from natural forms, organic materials and gemstones. All pictures are framed and come with a personal booklet which gives the properties of the stones which heal mind, body and soul.

My individual pictures are designed to portray the elements of the Chakras. For the Healing Room the seven Chakras are incorporated and for the Reiki Room the Reiki symbol is accompanied by agates and gemstones.

When I first began creating pictures from these materials I made a group which I named the Healing Garden Colour Series. Over time these have continued to be successful and are still available to order. Each picture evolves from the agate slice chosen as the centrepiece. If a particular colour is preferred this should be stated when ordering.

Commissions are taken for anniversaries, birthdays or simply as a gift for that special someone.  

Large £55.00 plus p&p     








Medium £25.00 plus p&p

Small £15.00 plus p&p

Tumble Stones

£1.00 each plus p&p  

Chakra Information Booklet

£3.00 plus p&p