Crystals for healing ourselves and the environment. Welcome to my wonderful world of crystals working on the physical, emotional, psychological level, spiritual planes and everyday life.

We can heal ourselves in a natural way with crystals. They are formed within Earths depth and carry all the properties of Mother Nature.
Each crystal resonates with a slightly different pattern geometrically. These same patterns reside in our body systems, organs, tissues etc., so we can mirror and change the vibrations and patterns allowing full health and vitality back into our bodies. Nature has created crystals to  be perfect electromagnetic conductors capable of interacting with our electromagnetic systems. The physical body is a wonderful piece of electrical engineering and with the correct amount of energy it has wonderful powers of regeneration.
We can benefit from displaying crystals within the home and wearing them as jewellery as the properties transfer to us from within our electromagnetic fields.

I run Diploma Crystal Therapy Practitioners course and have a crystal shop within.

Enjoy a Crystal Therapy Healing session or Crystal Full Body Massage, Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Massage, Crystal Head Massage, Crystal Foot Massage. Crystal can be added to any treatment to enhance the depth of any modality.