Crystal prices for treatments and courses.

 All treatments 1 hour

Crystal Therapy                                                                                             £35.00
Crystal Full Body Massage                                                                             £45.00
Crystal Facial Rejuvenation Massage                                                              £40.00
Ayurveda Crystal Foot and Leg Massage                                                        £35.00

Crystal Head Massage and Face Massage                                                       £35.00
Crystal Full Body Massage and Full Facial           hour and half                          £60.00


Diploma Crystal Therapy Practitioners Course 1st Degree.

Certified Crystal Practitioner.
The science of crystal and how they heal, balance and repair the body and systems. Anatomy and Physiology and Spiritual teachings.
Comprehensive manuals and ongoing support.

2 day modules, 4 modules in all.                                                                  £200.00 per module. 4 case studies to be completed.

Diploma Crystal Therapy Practitioners Course 2nd Degree.

 Working on soul level. DNA, cellular structure, past lives, high vibration crystals. Working on 6th and 7th dimension.

 2 day modules, 6 modules                                                                          £250.00 per module.