The phrase alternative therapy or complementary therapy is used to describe a wide range of treatments which, generally, are not available from conventional doctors but are complementary to orthodox treatment. These treatments work on the whole body, mind and spirit to re-balance and restore your natural health and vitality. These therapies reach to the core of your issues and treat the issues causing the illness.

My treatments are not a substitute for convential medical care  but do complement orthodox medical practices. Please consult your own Doctor for medical care and attention.

 I run Diploma courses in all the modalities below. 

Crystal Therapy 
Crystals work with the human energy field they can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body. When illness occurs the body has lost its natural balance. The crystals perfect atomic structure gives out resonance of perfection, a pattern for the body to follow.
The healing focuses on the whole and not just the symptoms, to restore wholeness, balance and health to emotions, mind and spirit as well as the physical body.
During treatment the client's energy field is assessed then crystals are selected and can be placed on and around the body in grids and templates to achieve a powerful treatment that is unique to the individual.
Treatment will work on the cellular level, DNA and past lives.
Because this treatment works to harmonize and balance the mental, emotional and physical levels of the body it is suitable for everyone and many clients experience a renewed sense of peace and purpose in life.

Auricular Ear Candling 
Despite the name, the 'candles' they are in fact hollow tubes made in a traditional way out of cotton flax impregnated with a combination herbal extracts such as Sage, Chamomile and St. John's Wort, which are blended in honey, organically grown linen and beeswax.
The candles work on a chimney principle, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. They equalise the pressure in the head and ears, making them suitable for most conditions. The movement of the flame gently massages the ear drum which has the effect of regulating the pressure system.A full facial acupressure and lymph drainage massage is performed to remove the toxins to be eliminated front the lymph nodes.

Whole Body Healing
Intuitive and guided healing with Reiki, Crystals, Meridian Therapy and Acupressure.

Card Readings 
The cards tune into your energy to give you a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behavior, obstacles and strengths.
I guide you to your self-development and empowerment to enable you to reach your your goals and highest potential. 
By looking at the past and how your decisions and circumstances lead you to your today. And guide you on how you can change your today and have a positive future.
Have a unique and an insightful experience, very healing on the physical, emotional and psychological levels.